Misty Falls Homeowners Association


We welcome all visitors to this site and look forward to providing you with information about Misty Falls. 
In addition, this website is intended to assist current residents of our community so together we can maintain and continuously improve the value, safety and beauty of our neighborhood.
Welcome to the Misty Falls Homeowners website. This website is intended to serve as a news and information resource for Misty Fall HOA members.
Although much of the website can be accessed by the public....we also have designated some content as membership required.  Membership is available to any verified current resident of Misty Falls.  Membership can be obtained by clicking on "Register" in the upper left portion of this page.  Your registration request will be forwarded and your residency will be verified before approval is provided.  Specifically the Resident Directory is only available to registered and verified residents.
Facebook Page
Residents are encouraged to join the Misty Falls Homeowners' Association page. This is a closed group open to just Misty Falls Residents.  Residents share information, news and events with fellow Misty Fallers.  Another great source to stay informed and plugged in.
Laraway Road Improvement Update
Attached please find the Public Newsletter from December 2017 in regards to the Laraway Road Corridor Improvements.  Information provided at the meeting indicates the earliest any construction would begin is 2024. 
As additional information becomes available we will update our residents.
Contact Information
Misty Falls HOA
P.O Box 1892
Frankfort, IL  60423
Board of Directors
Architecture Review Committee
Property Manager
Andrew Wright
Wright Property Management
Architecture Review Committee
The Architecture and Review Committee (ARC) is in place to ensure that residential construction/renovation activities are of high quality design and materials and in conform to all Misty Falls covenants and regulations.  The ARC conducts design and material reviews of additions, alterations and improvements to existing residential structures and will also review the design, material and compatibility of new structures.  Please submit any requests to mistyfallsarc@gmail.com
Management Company
Misty Falls Property Management is provided by Wright Property Management.
Working with Wright Property Management objectives include:
  • Ensure our HOA is managed and operated as required in the HOA governing documents
  • Enforcement of policies and rules
  • Manage vendors, common area maintenance and services
  • Financial statements, reserves, risk analysis and budgets
  • Attend board meetings
  • Day to day administrative responsibilities
  • Invoice and collection responsibilities
  • Legal knowledge and industry and state regulations
  • Open communication to all residents
Please reach out to Andrew Wright from Clavio Property Management with any questions, suggestions, concern etc.  He can be reached at andrew@wrightpropertyservice.com or via text/voice at 630-728-4769.
The original style mailbox (Gibraltar) has been discontinued.  The Qualarc Lewiston Mailbox and post combo (with ornate base) has been approved as the new mailbox model.
Residents are also required to keep your mailbox in good condition. 
If you feel your mailbox is beyond repair here is a link to Menards for the new style.  However, residents are free to purchase this mailbox at any retailer.

Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.